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Sand can be collected from our yard or delivered:

Sand Mini Bags Delivered Or Collected

25kg Mini Bags

Bulk Bags Of Sand Delivered Or Collected

850kg Bulk Bags

Loose Loads Of Sand Delivered Or Collected

1 - 18 tonnes loose

What is Sand?

Sand is a naturally made granular material consisting of finely divided mineral and rock particles. Sand composition can vary depending on the local rock sources and enviroment conditions.

Perfect For:

  • Brick Manufacturing
  • Landscaping
  • Concrete component
  • Water Filtration
  • Agriculture
Delivered in 850kg bags, or 1 - 18 tonnes loose. Collection also available.


Sharp Sand
Sharp Sand Delivered Or Collected

0-4mm used mainly for block paving, slab laying etc.

Building Sand
Building Sand Delivered Or Collected

Used for laying brick and block work, paving slabs etc.

Plastering Sand
Plastering Sand Delivered Or Collected

Fine sand used in plastering & rendering.

4-6mm Grit Sand
Grit Sand Delivered Or Collected

Used for under laying artificial grass.

Soft Washed Sand
Soft Washed Sand Delivered Or Collected

Can be used for rendering brick and block work. The colour or the mortar when dried is a lighter colour than building sand.

0-4mm Reject Sand
Recycled Sand Delivered Or Collected

0-4mm Is used for pipe bedding.

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