Top Gardening Blog Posts Jan 2016

Post Last Updated: 01st February 2016

Learn how to grow orchids the easy way, keep your veggies safe from pests, and more in our first monthly gardening roundup for 2016!

Under Water

"What would you do if your home, your business and your allotment were deluged by water?" starts the wellywoman Louise Curley. Her post takes you on a tour around Hebden Bridge: a beacon of independent businesses, organic shops, and allotments – which found itself deep in floodwater after December’s harsh rains. Learn more about Hebden Bridge’s current situation and how you can help save the area – along with the people (and the plants) in it.

6 Easiest Orchids To Grow, With Longwood’s Greg Griffis

Excited for your orchids to bloom like it did last year – but they didn’t? If you’re having a tough time growing and keeping orchids alive, this Q&A with Longwood Gardens’ orchid grower Greg Griffins is a must-read. Discover the 6 orchids you can easily grow – plus actionable tips from a master orchid grower.

Build A Vegetable Prison To Keep Out Raccoons And Skunks

You may find raccoons adorable, but for your veggies, they’re a threat. Mr. Homegrown of Root Simple saw how vegetable gardening is futile without enough protection. And in this post, he shows you how to build serious fortifications to keep your vegetables safe from rampaging raccoons.

Smart Gardening Tool For Newbie Urban Gardeners

Want to start gardening in an urban area? Check out design student Alex Hofman-Walter’s creation: the Planter. It’s a seed dispenser and gardening tool that lets you garden almost automatically – even in tight city spaces!

The Surprising Effect Of Being Disconnected From Nature Has On Our Health And Well-Being

The lack of exposure to natural environments led to increased vulnerability against asthma and allergies in urban city residents according to research. For me (and perhaps for you too), this is more than enough reason to garden – and this tidbit is just one of the shocking findings presented in this post over at One Green Planet.

How To Choose a Garden Cart For Gardening

Before buying a gardening cart, there are many things you need to consider. This could include space, size, the colour you want, its capacity, how much it costs, and much more. Visit this post from to discover how to choose the right gardening cart for you.

How To Revive Orchids In 11 Stress-Free Ways

Orchids have been known as the exquisitely beautiful yet expensive and high maintenance specialist plant. Check out Lucy Clark's blog on how to revive them with as least stress as possible!

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