The Best Gardening Posts In April

Post Last Updated: 01st May 2015

April has passed which means it is time for us to once again list our favourite gardening posts of the month. We have a great selection below discussing spring gardens, gardening tech and even tips on harvesting melons. Let us know what you think!

When You Clean Up The Garden In The Springtime

Springtime is a busy season for gardeners: it’s the time when frost melts leaving the soil moist and ripe for planting, and there’s a lot of cleaning to do. Carol wasn’t expecting to find much when she was cleaning her garden one time; she was simply on the lookout for things she could fix within an hour when she discovered something old and eccentric in her garden. Read on and find out what it is, and better yet, share your own springtime finds from your backyard!

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Three Climate Greenhouse

Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam boasts an attraction called the Three-Climate Greenhouse. Staying true to its name, this greenhouse showcases 3 climatic zones: temperate, tropical, and arid. This post by Mark and Gaz from Alternative Eden takes the reader on a tour of the 3 greenhouses with photos of conceptual art installations, cactus, palm trees, and more.

This is the Best Home and Garden App and Here is Why

Technology and social media has changed the way we do things – from communicating with friends; collaborating on projects, to getting customer service, and even gardening! bHome app is a content curation tool that lets home and garden bloggers, magazines, and brands share all things gardening. Check out this app review at Garden Therapy.

10 Tasks to Prepare Your Spring Garden - Garden Therapy

So winter has gone, spring has come, and now it’s time to prepare your garden! But with so much work to do, how does a home gardener get started with spring cleaning? No problem! Here’s a guide from Garden Therapy that enumerates the 10 important tasks you need to finish to prep your garden for the spring season.

When Are Melons Ready For Harvest?

Tender and grown for its large, succulent fruits, melons require a protected environment to grow and thrive. You want to make sure that you harvest them at their peak condition, making sure that all the time and effort you invested in growing them doesn't go to waste. So how does one make sure their melons are ready for harvesting? Read the 4 steps outlined in this post!

Mantis Tiller Review: Making Quick Work of My Garden

You don’t have to till their soil that often, but you sure want to do it right should the need arise. It’s the process of turning over and breaking up the soil, a necessary step when amending your garden. Chris of Backyard Gardening wasn’t impressed with tillers however, until he tried the Mantis tiller. Read on and learn why he thinks it’s a cool gardening tool to have.

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