The Best Gardening Posts In August

Post Last Updated: 02nd September 2015

You’ll never run out of DIY ideas and projects with our round-up of gardening posts this August - from growing Camellias from seed, building an affordable fence, water conservation techniques as well as over 2 dozen outdoor DIY projects for you to try. So read on!

How To Grow Camellias From Seed

Growing Camellias can be a fun challenge! Not to mention the plant hybridizes easily, and your efforts are almost guaranteed to produce unique cultivars. Simon Eade from Garden Of Eaden shows you how to grow Camellias from seed – but realise that it can take 6 to 8 years before your Camellias start to flower.

Unusual Greens to Try in Your Next Salad

Have you grown tired of the lettuce in your salad and want to shake up your bowl? If you do, then read this post by Debbie Wolfe from Garden Therapy. Learn what leafy greens you can grow in your home garden today and eat in your salad bowl later on.

Growing With Plants: Designing A Low Budget Fence That Actually Looks Nice

Fences can be expensive and usually have to be installed by a professional. Matt Mattus’ garden fence was an eye sore – and he didn't want to spend a fortune on a new one. So Matt’s solution? Go DIY! And this post outlines all the steps (complete with pictures) on how to design your garden’s affordable but great looking fence.

25 + DIY Outdoor Projects to Tackle This Weekend

Stephanie from Garden Therapy loves weekend DIY projects, and she shares 25+ DIY outdoor projects in this post. From cheap yet cheerful additions to your garden, makeovers to further enhance your space, to projects that require power tools, this one has it all.

How to Make a Fresh Wreath (+ Inspiration Gallery!)

You’ve got your own garden and your plants are blooming. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can create your own fresh wreath – using blooms handpicked from your garden – to add style and fragrance to your front door? Well, that’s exactly what this post is all about. Learn how to make a fresh wreath for just about any season – step by step.

Xeriscaping: Gardening for Water Conservation

Your garden may or may not be suffering from a drought. Whichever the case however, conserving water is always a vital step to successful, sustainable gardening. Enter xeriscaping, which uses landscaping techniques to conserve water and cut down on maintenance time.

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