The Best Gardening Posts In October

Post Last Updated: 02nd November 2015

This Month’s Gardening Round-Up: Cranberries Galore, Post-Wild Landscaping, Keyhole Gardens, And More

Into Africa: Learning To Make Keyhole Gardens In Rwanda

The keyhole garden seemed too good to be true for Eddie Dejong when he first learned about the idea. But it turns out that this single, compact, and water-efficient gardening unit is for real! And Eddie soon found himself (with his wife) traveling to Rwanda to help the community build keyhole gardens.

Festive Ways To Use Fresh Cranberries

Fresh cranberries are one of the hallmarks of the holiday season, and the fruits versatility definitely helped its popularity: it can be used for baking, making the sweetest sauces, and even decorating! Check out this post by Stephanie and discover her favorite festive ways of using fresh (or even frozen) cranberries.

Five Questions To Ask About Your Garden This Fall

Summer is over, and for Carol of May Dreams Garden, the arrival of the fall season is the perfect time for some gardening introspection. Take a look at Carol’s 5 self-examining questions – and make your gardening more successful and satisfying.

Planting In A Post-Wild World

"The front lines of the battle for nature are not in the Amazon rain forest...the front lines are our backyards, medians, parking lots, and elementary schools." The introduction for the book Planting In A Post-Wild World is catchy no doubt. But Mrs. Homegrown of Root Simple finds the ideas in this book even more exciting. The basic premise? Traditional gardening landscapes don’t do much for us and our surroundings, it’s time to replace them with post-wild landscapes.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Rat Poisons

Rat poison is lethal – and not just for rats. Foxes and other unintended victims have fallen prey to rat poison. Whether you use anticoagulant rat poison or not, check out the NPS infographic posted here. Better yet, share it with your family and friends.

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