The Best Gardening Posts In July

Post Last Updated: 04th August 2015

Whether you’re looking to…


-       Garden in tight spaces

-       Fertilize and enrich your garden soil

-       Addsustainable lighting to your garden


…our round-up of the best posts picked from the most popular gardening blogs this month will teach you a thing or two that would benefit your garden.


Love Your Pots! 25 Inspiring & Practical Ideas For Container Planting

So you fancy gardening but your home is lacking space? No problem! Alexandra believes that pots are the best tool for creating an instant garden, and she shows you 25 practical ideas how to turn small spaces into lovely pot gardens.


Why Are My Geranium Leaves Turning Yellow?

Geraniums are high on the list of popular flowering plants – and their hardiness play a huge role in this. But while these flowers are naturally drought and heat tolerant plants, they are not immune against yellowing of leaves. Learn the 3 reason why your geraniums’ leaves are turning yellow.


Using Epsom Salts for Plants

Fertilize and enrich your garden naturally with Epsom salt. Learn how to enhance the foliage of your plants, keeping them looking healthy and green by applying hydrated magnesium sulfate. Plus a quick bonus: this simple guide comes with instructions for adding Epsom salt for vegetables and flowers.


Solar Garden

We bet some of our readers are ardent organic gardeners, always on the hunt for eco-friendly and sustainable ways to enrich their gardens. So here’s an idea: go solar for your garden’s lighting. This post from Fennel And Fern takes a closer look at Phillips’ myGarden pedestal lamps – solar-powered lamps that can keep your garden well-lit for hours while enhancing your space’s aesthetics.


The Rototiller Re-Imagined - Vertically

All rototillers are built for one purpose: to till the soil. So when Matt Mattus from Growing W/ Plants got a Troy-Bilt they asked him to try one of their newest machines, he wasn’t convinced that it was “reinvented” as the manufacturer claimed it to be. Matt was wrong according to his own admission. Discover why.


Best-Looking Plants in my July Garden

Looking for plant ideas that could add more “wow” to your garden? This post from Garden Rant has plenty of examples to draw inspiration from: City Lights, Earth Angel, ‘Frosted Violet’ Heuchera, and many more.

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