February 2015 Top Gardening Blog Post Roundup

Post Last Updated: 27th February 2015

12 Budget Container Gardening Tips For Year-Round Style

Francine Raymond of Sunday Telegraph shares how you can garden in style even if your backyard has only fruitless branches and a muddy lawn. These 12 container gardening ideas aren’t just budget-friendly, they look stylish too!

Drowning In Snow?

Winter is a season that gardeners aren’t too excited about. With snow covering bird feeders, pathways, lawns, and other spots in the garden, it’s easy to see why. But Kathy Purdy is hopeful: those bits of snow will soon be replaced by tiny snowdrops in a month.

The Best Garden Show Of All

Evelyn Hadden rants about garden shows, staying true to the blog’s name. Evelyn has been to several garden shows but she says the experience is a far-cry from the mainly solitary activity that is gardening. Find out why and what she thinks is the best garden show of all.

De-Cluttering The Garden

"De-cluttering our tended gardens is to work in imitation of and in concert with nature," says Mr. Homegrown and it’s hard to argue with that. So how would you start de-cluttering your garden? Check out this post by Mr. Homegrown along with the blog’s section on de-cluttering and keeping your garden neat.

Fascinating Lunar & Biodynamic Tactics That Can Help Your Garden Grow

This post is a review of Matt Jackson’s Lunar & Biodynamic Gardening – read it and it may just convince you to give this gardening method a try especially if you’re into no-dig gardening. Mr. Jackson was once National Trust’s head gardener and an ex-Sissinghurst Garden Manager – and he sure knows what he’s talking about. 

Hand Care: Tip-Top Products For Gardeners' Hands

Thickened, calloused hands – gardeners are proud of them as it’s a sign of hard work, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can keep your hands just as in shape as your garden? Take care of those hands that made your beautiful garden possible: here are the top products to keep your hands healthy and nice to the touch.

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