January 2015 Top Blog Post Roundup

Post Last Updated: 29th January 2015

Here are this month’s standout posts from the web’s gardening blogs. As always there have been some great posts and we have listed our favourites below:

The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide

The most beautiful vegetable, herb, and flower gardens all started from a seed – cared for and nurtured. This ultimate guide by Stephanie teaches you everything you need to know about starting seeds and helps you progress from there with tips from seasoned gardeners.

How To Keep Air Plants Alive And Healthy (They Might Even Bloom!)

Air plants like Tillandsias are some of the best indoor plants one can have. But while their blooms are like no other, air plants often turn dry and crunchy if you don’t care for them correctly. Tending to air plants isn’t really complicated, you just have to know what to do and this post from GardenTherapy.ca takes care of that.

Forcing Winter Interest

UK gardeners don’t have to deal with snow as much as Evelyn Hadden from Garden Rant. But while that may be a good thing overall, you’ll love the winter interests showcased in this post.

England’s Greatest Snowdrop Garden

Snowdrops may look like nothing more than small, white flowers. They’re pretty for sure, but that’s it…or is it? Read this post by Helen Johnstone where she showcases the blankets of lovely snowdrops she encountered during her tour at the Colesbourne Gardens.

Thoughts On The Forthcoming Show Gardens At The 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Part 1

The RHS Flower Show is an event countless gardeners look forward to each year. This year’s show gardens will showcase works by garden designers Jo Thompson, Dan Pearson, Matt Keightley, and many others. So, to not spoil the fun, this post features only the hand-drawn images of the gardens.

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