The Best Gardening Posts In November

Post Last Updated: 30th November 2015

Our November round-up of gardening posts has a lot of practical advice – from substituting boxwood, how to create raised beds, to tips for keeping your garden lovely during winter and more. Check out the posts below and let us know which gardening idea you like best!

How's This As A Substitute For Boxwood?

Boxwood, an evergreen shrub used in elegant and formal landscaping (as hedges), has become very popular. The greater popularity, however, meant greater losses if your hedge of boxwood dies - and the shrub is prone to cold injury, drought stress, and all sorts of pests. So why not check out this substitute for the usual boxwood courtesy of Toronto Gardens?

How I Made My Garden Raised Beds

Raised beds may not be the most visually appealing addition to your garden, which explains why some gardeners are hesitant about using these garden boxes to grow their plants. But its shortcomings in the visual appeal department are more than compensated by their utility: raised garden beds allow you to grow small pots of vegetables and flowers, keep pathway weeds at bay, prevent soil compaction, and many more! Read this guide from Real Men Sow and learn how to create your own raised beds.

How To Grow Chinese Radish From Seed

There are many ways to enjoy Chinese radish: you can create a new kind of coleslaw out of it, you can roast, bake, boil, or steam it, or even consume it raw! And if you want to learn how to grow this flavorful, salad vegetable, this post from Garden Of Eaden will equip you with what you need to know about the Chinese radish – the ideal temperature for growing the crop, when to start planting, soil requirements, and many more.

Maladies Of Gardeners

Do you love lingering in front of plants in another garden – and fire questions like “Where can I get that?” without even pausing to catch your breath? Perhaps you feel envious of a garden’s warmer climate and the lovely blooms it can grow? If you answered yes to these questions, you want to read this article from Carol of May Dreams Garden and learn about the most common gardener maladies. Chances are, you caught one of them!

Winter Garden Plants

Gardens often look dull and lifeless during winter, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Learn how you can keep your garden full of life whatever the season – even if it’s winter. Here are 6 winter plants and blooms that don’t mind the frost and are sure to add more color to your winter garden.

Check Out These Cool Characters! The Top Plants for Winter Garden Interest

Winter, UK’s coldest season, is fast approaching – and your garden will soon be invaded with freezing temperatures, icy conditions, and even snow. Of course, you can stay indoors and think about what you want to grow in the next gardening season. Or you can start growing now: here are 10 winter-friendly plants to keep your garden interesting.

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