Type 1 MOT available for delivery and collection across Essex & Hertfordshire.

What is Type 1 MOT?

Often referred to as either MOT or TYPE 1, it is an approved granular sub-base material.

Not to be confused with Type 1 crushed concrete, although for the same purpose this is a better product due to its recycled nature containing a lot more fines (dust).

Type 1 can also be constructed of many other rocks such as granite or gritstone as well as other hard inert materials.

Perfect For:

  • Trench Fills
  • Back Fills
  • Over-site Fills
  • Sub-base for driveways & pathways, patios, etc
25kg Mini Bags
850kg Bulk Bags
1 - 20 tonnes loose

Our Type 1 MOT Stock

Type 1 MOT (Limestone)
30mm down to dust.
Type 1 Crushed Concrete
50mm down to dust.
Type 1 Crushed Hardcore
30mm down to dust.
Type 3 Granite 0-63mm (Reduced Fines Permeable)
Type 1 Granite
30mm down to dust.
0-2mm Granite Dust
0-5mm Granite Dust
2-6mm Granite
4-10mm Granite
4-20mm Granite
10-20mm Granite
6-14mm Granite
20-32mm Granite
10-63mm Granite
0-4mm Limestone/Grit Sand
Type 1 Granite 0-40mm (Reduced Fines Permeable)
Gabion Fill Granite
75mm - 200mm


Available in 25kg Mini Bags, 850kg Bulk Bags, 1 - 20 tonnes loose

  • When empty, the truck weighs 16 tonnes.
  • Once filled up though, a grab truck can reach a maximum authorised mass of 32 tonnes – that's 16 tonnes and 15 cubic meters of material, on average.
  • To operate properly, the trucks also need 3.8m of headroom and 2m for the hydraulic arm. In total, you need 6m of space for optimum functionality.

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