• Holds 3 times more than skips.
  • Can load over walls & fences.
  • Loaded and off site within 30 minutes.
  • Remove Hardcore, clay and soil.
  • Remove Green Waste & Mixed builders rubbish.

London Grab Hire Service

 4 of our grab trucks in our London yard.

Are you looking for Grab Hire or aggregate supplies in London? If so we at GrabCo offer a fast and efficient same day service 7 days a week.

From the general public to main contractors we offer a complete service. We have a modern fleet of grab and tipper lorries at our disposal to ensure your project is on time every time. We pride ourselves on our reliability and competitive pricing.

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Grab trucks can carry tonnes of material, and they’re mobile for their weight and size, too. The trucks are best suited for pick-and-go types of jobs, causing minimal disruption wherever they go.

And thanks to their hydraulic arm, they can pick up materials over barriers. Grab trucks can easily drive to the side of a house, reach over the wall with the hydraulic arm, and carry bags of rubble, crushed concrete, and other materials to its back for transport.

This makes grab trucks are an excellent choice for waste removal and site clearance.

However, grab trucks aren’t an end-all-be-all solution for waste disposal. If you’re looking for grab hire in London, here are some of the essential things you need to know about grab trucks.

Start With The Specifics

You have two options as far as grab truck sizes go - the four-wheel and the eight-wheel models. Both can work depending on your location and how much material or waste you need to remove.

The four-wheel variety can carry up to 10 tonnes of material. They are good enough for smaller work, like small DIY or residential renovation projects. Not to mention they’re lighter and can easily maneuver even with little space.

But if you are moving tonnes of material, our eight-wheel grab hire in London can handle the job.

When empty, the larger grab trucks can weigh as much as 16 tonnes depending on the model, and can weigh up to 32 tonnes when filled, meaning a huge waste removal capacity.

On the other hand, you will want to ensure you have enough space to accommodate a grab truck. The latter requires about 4 meters of headroom. But you also need to take the hydraulic arm into account, which needs about 2 meters.

The Materials You Need To Remove

Weight-wise, grab trucks are more than capable. However, they cannot carry all types of material. So before calling a grab hire in London, you will need to anticipate the type of waste your project will generate.

If you plan to hire a grab truck, know that they are designed for certain materials.

Some of the materials these trucks specialise in include:

  • Concrete bricks
  • Garden waste like soil and dead plants
  • General household rubbish
  • Non-hazardous waste

Meanwhile, materials like batteries, asbestos, gas bottles, paint, tyres, and other hazardous materials need different disposal methods.

Grab truck companies try to reuse and recycle as much of the waste they collect as possible.

Here at GrabCo, when we collect waste from residential and commercial clients, it is thoroughly screened to pick out recyclable and reuseable materials. Doing so helps minimize the landfill costs of London and caters to the needs of eco-conscious customers.

The Type Of Project

A renovation, landscaping, or construction job can have unique needs.

For example:

DIY projects may not produce as much waste as a commercial building renovation. But smaller project work can take several weeks to complete, especially if you’re doing everything yourself.

In such cases, you can still hire a grab truck for disposal. Grabco can even provide you with bags to store rubbish for the time being. Simply call us for pick-up when necessary.

Grab trucks, however, shine best in commercial projects. The latter produces massive amounts of waste and requires quick removal. Both of which are a grab truck’s specialty.

We make short and efficient work of waste removal jobs in a few steps.

Our experienced team has an average turnaround time of 30 minutes. We arrive at your location, pick up the waste, and head back to our yard to segregate the recyclable materials from the rest.

Need Grab Hire In London? We’d Love To Talk

Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, we can handle your waste disposal and site clearance job. Grabco is a grab hire company in London with more than 20 years of experience - and still counting.

Our yard houses a fleet of eight-wheel grab trucks, and we also stock materials such as premium topsoil, compost, sand, gravel, and recycled aggregates.

Our guarantee:

Reliable and timely grab hire service at a competitive price.

From home improvement to commercial building renovation, you can be assured in the knowledge that our team can take on any waste disposal job. And if you’re in a rush? We also offer same-day service to our clients in London.

We’re also a fully insured and fully licensed waste removal company, meaning your job is in the hands of assured professionals.

Call us for an instant quote. Or, send us an email and we’ll get back to you fast.

What can Grab Trucks be used for?

Find out in our detailed guide.

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  • When empty, the truck weighs 16 tonnes.
  • Once filled up though, a grab truck can reach a maximum authorised mass of 32 tonnes – that's 16 tonnes and 15 cubic meters of material, on average.
  • To operate properly, the trucks also need 3.8m of headroom and 2m for the hydraulic arm. In total, you need 6m of space for optimum functionality.

Our Grab Trucks Can Be Used To Deliver Aggregates Across London

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