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Bishops Stortford Grab Hire Service

our bishops stortford grab trucks in the yard.

GrabCo are your local suppliers of waste removal for domestic households to commercial and trade customers.

We can remove waste such as hardcore, soil, muckaway and mixed loads at the most competitive rates in Bishops Stortford. We can also supply mini digger and driver hire and we also offer a groundwork service which includes driveways, foundations, drainage, demolition and site clearance.

All work is carried out by fully certified and trained members of our team. Please call us if you need more details.

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Grab hire in Bishop’s Stortford isn’t your only option for getting rid of waste. But you should, at least, look into it for all-things waste removal. But what makes grab hire the top choice over other options?

Hassle-Free Operation

Not all waste disposal services are easy to get.

If your chosen method involves putting massive containers close to foot traffic, you will have to get a licence from the Bishop’s Stortford council.

Some restrictions apply, too. For one thing, you cannot put waste containers on the pavement. You will also have to put up safety lights and markings around the area. And if you miss any of these details, you may receive a fine of up to £1,000.

You could hire these containers and have the providing company take care of the paperwork and safety precautions. But these extra steps still add to your project’s completion time.

With grab hire, however, you won’t have to deal with any time-consuming paperwork and preparation. Simply call GrabCo to let us know about your waste disposal job, book the date and time for pick-up, and rest assured one of our grab trucks will be on site.

And if you need extra-fast service, know that our grab trucks are also available for same-day service.

Grab Hire In Bishop’s Stortford Is Quick And Efficient

Grab trucks are faster and more efficient than other waste disposal methods like, say, skips.

Skips are open-topped containers that weigh more than 500 lbs, able to carry up to six tonnes of waste material. However, experts recommend against filling a skip to over 75% of its capacity. So you only get a little more than four tonnes of capacity.

On the other hand, grab trucks can carry 12 tonnes of waste - or even more depending on the model. This means a grab truck will take half the time a skip (and a lorry) would to complete the same disposal job.

Moreover, grab trucks also have a hydraulic arm.

These mechanical arms may need some clearance space. But they enable a truck to drive to the side or back of a location, and pick up the waste materials while staying away from foot traffic. Some trucks even have a 360-degree arm which can make quick work of any pick-up job.

Fits Almost All Types Of Projects

Different renovation or construction projects have different needs.

DIY home improvement, for example, will not generate as much waste as a large-scale commercial project. However, even the smaller projects can take weeks to complete.

Bigger commercial projects, on the other hand, produce much larger amounts of waste - from scrap metal, pieces of concrete, to piles of wood and more. Unlike DIY initiatives, these projects require fast waste removal and site cleanup.

Whichever type of project you’re working on, however, grab trucks are an excellent choice.

If renovating a part of your home will take weeks, no problem. Here at GrabCo, we also supply bags for waste storage. Ask us for a dozen or two, put your waste into the bags, and call us to collect them when you’re done.

Grab trucks work even better for commercial projects. Reliable grab hire services have a turnaround time of 30 minutes or even less. They turn up to your location, pick up the pile of waste, then take it to be screened to reuse or recycle whatever possible. All done with minimal disruption to normal operations.

Need A Grab Hire In Bishop’s Stortford?

GrabCo’s got you covered!

Here’s what you get:

Exceptional and quick grab hire service at a price that’s friendly.

Our team have been in the industry for 20 plus years. This extensive experience in all-things grab trucks and waste disposal lets us make short work of any project.

We arrive at your chosen location, pick up the waste you leave behind, and handle its segregation and disposal. All done within our average turnaround time of 30 minutes or less!

And if you need same-day service, simply let us know.

Our commercial and residential clients in Bishop’s Stortford hire us not only for grab trucks and site clearance. They hire us for peace of mind. We are a fully licensed waste carrier, and we handle every disposal job using safety best practices.

Moreover, GrabCo is also a fully insured company. So our customers are at ease knowing they’re covered in case of disruptions or accidents.

Call us today to get an instant quote. Or, send the details of your project via email.

What can Grab Trucks be used for?

Find out in our detailed guide.

Ultimte Guide To Grab Hire


  • When empty, the truck weighs 16 tonnes.
  • Once filled up though, a grab truck can reach a maximum authorised mass of 32 tonnes – that's 16 tonnes and 15 cubic meters of material, on average.
  • To operate properly, the trucks also need 3.8m of headroom and 2m for the hydraulic arm. In total, you need 6m of space for optimum functionality.

Our Grab Trucks Deliver Aggregates Across Bishops Stortford

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