The Best Gardening Posts In September

Post Last Updated: 30th September 2015

Summer’s gone and autumn has arrived, but here at GrabCo, we’re still on the hunt for the best and most informative posts in the gardening blogosphere - regardless of the season. If you’re looking for drought-tolerant landscape ideas and soilless agricultural techniques, topped with some herb gardening tips, you’ll love our September round-up!

What is Aeroponics – An Introduction

So you want to grow plants but lack the space? Try your hands on aeroponics! This agricultural method doesn’t require soil just like hydroponics. Unlike the latter, aeroponics doesn’t use any rooting medium – not even water to nourish the roots. How does it work and how can you get started? Read this post from the geek gardener!

Plant These Speedy Fall Vegetables for a Last Hurrah!

Autumn isn’t the best season for gardening. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let the season stop you from growing vegetables – you just have to pick the right veggies to cultivate. Read this post from Garden Therapy and discover the 10 fast-growing and highly nutritious vegetables that you can harvest in 15 to 30 days!

Top 10 Herbs For A Herb Garden

Deciding which herbs to grow can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Furthermore, you only want to grow herbs that you can use – and that somewhat depends on your kitchen skills. This post from Garden Of Eaden takes a look at 10 various herbs and their environmental requirements. Read it, take notes, and pick those that best suit your garden’s environment.

Advice To A New Gardener

New gardeners often lack the confidence (and the adventurous spirit) to just grab their garden tools and get their hands dirty. This isn’t surprising considering the lack of experience. But Helen from the Patient Gardener has advice: just do it! This post is a short read but hopefully it inspires you to simply give it a go and learn from the process regardless of the outcome.

Landscaping for Drought: Inspiring Gardens That Save Water

Warm and dry weather might be great for fun outdoor activities – but it has its cost, namely water.  So how does a gardener cope up with a water-scarce environment and still keep her space full of flowers and life? Let Stephanie take you on a tour of drought-tolerant landscape ideas that you can use in your own garden.

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